Batch of 2020 has suffered enough due to corona virus and no jobs willing to hire freshers. With fewer job vacancies and too many eligible candidates. But as vaccine has rolled-out and things have started to get back to normal, it’s time to gear up and polish our skills or add some important ones.  

You have been working hard to get placed after all the obstacles and now you are finally ready to start your professional career. So, here is what you need to take care of — things that haven’t been taught in colleges — before appearing for any interviews. Communication skills do play a vital role in helping you stand out from the crowd. 

If you think what you learned in college about the workplace culture is enough to lead you to a successful career then you are mistaken. Because the world outside is a lot different and you will have to learn new things every day to catch up. 

Sipping Thoughts in conversation with Greeshma Thampi, Chief Image Consultant and Director at Avancé Image Management, puts light on the importance of communication skills in our career. She shares her thoughts regarding career-related skills and emphasizes more on communication skills as this creates the very first impression on the recruiters. The way you interact with others shows a lot about your personality. Fluency in your language is considered to be highly attractive, so one can work on it.

In this competitive and fast-paced world, grabbing your dream job is not possible just with your knowledge in the field, you also need to hone your communication skills. So that you get everything you are capable of and deserve in life. You will be one step closer to your dream job if you work on your communication skills that include knowing the right workplace etiquette, how to politely say no and other basic, yet important things.

Watch this video and listen to our expert career advisor, Greeshma Thampi who shares some important key points that can help you grow in your career. She also answers some common questions such as when you need to up skill yourself or how can one inculcate important skills and qualities in them.