New Delhi, April 19, 2021: Zee Digital’s flagship website, has emerged to be one of the fastest-growing internet sites across the country growing 10x in monthly active users over the past one year. Crossing 75 million unique monthly visitors mark in March 2021 versus a 7.4 million unique users mark in April 2020, created a new milestone in its growth story.Also Read - Horrific Incident: Jamaican Zookeeper Gets His Finger Ripped Off By A Lion After Poking It Constantly Through The Fence - Watch Viral Video has undergone a revamp in its overall strategy over the past year. From being a news website until last year, the brand has evolved into a content aggregator curating content from various publishers. Also Read - Viral Video: Little Girl Dances Adorably in Metro, Her Cute Expressions Will Make You Smile | Watch

Zee Digital CEO Rohit Chadda calls this development of as 2.0. “The future of internet is on mobile. Our mobile first strategy meant we launched our content aggregation first on our mobile app. Next we revamped the mobile site to bring video to the forefront. Given that the next phase of growth in content is going to be about the 3Vs – Video, Vernacular and Voice, we’ve brought Video to the forefront in the new product. The mobile UX gives our users a whole new Watch section where users can watch Live TV and VOD from 14 News channels across 6 languages.” Also Read - Viral Video: Elephant Slaps Girl in The Face When She Tries to Click Picture, Internet Says Ouch | Watch

The revamped product brings the best and breaking news from the nation’s biggest news sources and keeps users updated with the latest happenings around the world. As part of the business strategy for 2.0 a mobile Application was launched to increase engagement and build stickiness for the brand. The app is currently rated 4.3 on the Android App store.

“Personalization and Content recommendations have been key for us to create stickiness among our users. Our focus from a product perspective has been on building first party data so we can identify the user, track his behavior across our entire network and accordingly recommend him the most relevant content. To further leverage our network strength, we also launched a cross-network loyalty programme which incentivizes our users to consume content within the network thus building a loyalty for the user at the network level as well”, said Chadda.

With the product revamp, users now have access to latest news updates, breaking news, in-depth coverage, and analysis of news from India and the World from major news brands like Zee News, WION, Zee Hindustan, Zee 24Taas, Zee 24Ghanta, Zee 24Kalak, Zee Odisha, Zee Salaam, Zee UP/UK, Zee MPCG, Zee Bihar Jharkhand, and Zee Rajasthan. Further, the app also gives users access to Business, Technology, Health, Cricket and Entertainment content from major publishers like Zee Business, BGR, The Health Site, Cricket Country and Bollywood Life.

“The current scale that we have achieved with brings it at par with the top print and broadcast publishers in the country. Our vision is to make the one stop destination for all Indians and Indophiles and this milestone signifies that we are on track to achieving our vision.” Chadda concluded.