Why is Influenza vaccine shot the important shot of the year?: It is being predicted that a third wave of the Covid infection may hit the country soon and that it will affect children more this time. Doctors warn that children be kept at home, and ensure that pandemic-appropriate protocols are followed for their safety. As a safety measure, they are also recommending people to take an Influenza shot to keep themselves protected against other flu and viruses. The idea behind this is to keep hospital beds and medical equipment reserved for COVID-related illnesses and not other diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. But are these influenza shots safe? Who all should take these influenza shots? And to answer more on this, we have with us Dr. Pawan Kumar, Senior Consultants, General Pediatrics, Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital.Also Read - Video: Tips to Keep Private Parts Clean and Hydrated During Monsoon | Watch

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