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Is Other World Trying To Contact Us? Scientists Get Radio Signals From Different Galaxy | Watch Video

Is there any kind of message coming to us from any other world? But it is not so easy to understand them. The galaxy in FRB 20201124A feels like our own galaxy. Scientists continuously monitored FRB 20201124A. During this, they sent signals continuously in repeat mode. watch video

Published: September 27, 2022 3:39 PM IST

By Video Desk

The other World has been contacted from the earth. It seems so. Because scientists are constantly getting signals coming from one corner of space to the earth. These have also been recorded. These are new types of radio signals which are different from the normal Fast Radio Burst (FRB). Scientists continuously monitored the radio telescope in the same direction for 91 hours from where the signals were coming. Out of these 91 hours, there are 1863 signals recorded in this period. From reports, these signals are coming from a galaxy far away from our earth. The place from where the signals are coming is named FRB 20201124A. Watch video to know more.

Written by- Ananya

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