Weight Diet Loss Tips: Being overweight or obese can lead to a range of health problems. In this video, we have listed out the best fruits people can include in their diet when trying to reach a moderate weight according to science.Also Read - Weight Loss: 5 Reasons Why Belly Fat Won’t Go Away Easily

Fruits that are unsweetened or minimally processed make an excellent snack, as they are rich in a variety of nutrients that support health and well-being. In fact, the natural sweetness of most fruits may also help people satisfy sugar cravings. This in turn may help them avoid fast food and processed snacks and reach a moderate weight. However, some fruits may be better for weight loss than others. Also Read - Skincare Tips: Best And Effective Natural Remedies To Keep Your Skin Fresh And Healthy During Summers - Watch

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A medium sized orange which is a vitamin C powerhouse contains about 72 calories and nearly 4 grams of fibre. Not only the fruit rich in flavour, but it’s packed in soluble fibre which is known to help reduce appetite and suppress the levels of hunger hormones produced by the body.


We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? One medium apple contains just over 100 calories. In fact, apples are a good source of soluble fibre and research has indicated that this type of fibre can help reduce belly fat.

Passion fruit

If you’re looking for a low-calorie fruit, look no further than the passion fruit. Rich in vitamins A and C, the tiny fruit only contains 18 calories. Apparently, this fruit contains piceatannol, a compound that may improve blood pressure and increase insulin sensitivity, which is key for losing weight. The fruit is easily accessible in the Indian markets too, so if you’re keen to lose wight, passion fruit is good option.


Bananas are quite filling. However, you should know that when you eat a banana, you’re not overdoing the calories, as one banana only contains 112 calories. Don’t be scared while having bananas during the weight loss journey. In fact, it is a great pre-workout meal. Not to mention, the piece of fruit contains 3 grams of fibre, which can help boost feelings of satiety, aiding in weight loss.


Last but not least, gape fruit may help you shed some unwanted kgs as half of a grapefruit only contains 65 calories. One study showed that those who ate the fruit or drank grapefruit juice before meals ate fewer calories and also experienced a 7.1% drop in weight. So, make grapefruits your best friends in your weight loss journey.

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