QR 678 Hair Transplant : Hair is a an important part of our identity that adds confidence and makes us feel good about ourselves. But what if we are going through an intense hair loss with hair products or any homely remedies being of no use or showing minimal results ? Well, then you should definitely consider a hair transplant in order to get your old hair back. One of the advanced hair treatment that you can go for is QR 678 Treatment which is established by two top physicians of India- Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Rinky Kapoor, The treatment doesn’t require a surgical procedure, is natural and a bit cheaper as compared to other hair treatments. In this video, Dr. Debraj Shome, the director and co-founder of Eesthetic Clinic, explains the basic procedure and side effects of QR 678 Hair transplant in detail. Watch this video to know more.Also Read - Health Tips: Be Alert ! Drinking Coffee On an Empty Stomach Can Harm You - Watch Video to Know Why

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