When should you avoid drinking coffee?: First cup in the morning or even during the short breaks, coffee acts as an indispensible part of daily routine for many. Whether you are tired or sleepy during your work hours, the first beverage that comes to our mind is coffee. We know how imagining a day without coffee can be incredibly difficult for all the coffee lovers out there. But is drinking coffee good for you? Well, though coffee has the power to boost you up and has its own sets of benefits, we cannot ignore the ill effects of consuming regular caffeine in the long run. No, we are not going to tell you to forego your favorite beverage, but there are times when you should definitely avoid it. Here’s when you should;Also Read - Health Tips: These Ayurvedic Herbs Can Control Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally | Watch video

  1. Avoid a Cup Before Your Sleep : It’s very well known how coffee is a go-to beverage to keep you awake. Though coffee increases alertness, it also decreases sleepiness. Disrupting your sleep hours can have adverse effects on your health. Experts also suggest that one shouldn’t have caffeine within about 6 hours of going to bed. So drop the habit of drinking coffee before your bed, today.
  2. Avoid When You Are Sick: Usually when sick, we generally tend to consume hot liquids or beverages and especially coffee. Let us tell you that coffee is not a very good idea to get you through sickness as it can even worsen your condition. Coffee while you are ill may dehydrate you and could make any vomiting or nausea worse. So it would be better if you consume more water or rather tea over coffee, if ill.
  3. If You Are Prone to Anxiety: Did you know caffeine could be a possible contributing factor to your anxiety? Yes, caffeine may trigger your nervous system making it problematic for those with panic disorders and social anxiety. Coffee doesn’t cause anxiety but if you are already prone to anxiety, consuming caffeine can alleviate the symptoms.
  4. If you got a bad Gut Health: People suffering from gut problems like IBS , acid reflux or heartburn are often advised to quit coffee as it may affect the stomach by triggering the release of stomach acids. This is likely to irritate your gut if you have a sensitive stomach. However, this depends from people to people.
  5. If you are pregnant: Studies claim that the intake of caffeine during pregnancy may boost the baby’s heart rate and some inconclusive studies also suggest that coffee could slightly increase your risk of having a miscarriage. But if you cannot give up coffee completely, you can limit your intake to 200 milligrams per day during pregnancy.

We know how giving up coffee can be heartbreaking for many, but with certain medical conditions, it’s important to listen to your doctor and stop it. Also Read - Pregnancy Tips: Mom-To-Be Alia Bhatt To Host Vegan Themed Baby Shower, Is Vegan Diet Healthy For Pregnant Women? What Should They Eat? - Watch Video

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