National Coming Out Day LGBTQI Community: A very small proportion of the population accepts the LGBTQI community wholeheartedly. The main reason for the same being the societal stigma that exists and moreover the lack of conversations in the deeper pockets of India. Since this is a very less explored area and since we as a country are moving towards inclusivity and it is the Coming out day, on October 12, a conversation on this is a must. In conversation with Palash Borah, BLUED India (platform for and by the LGBTQI Community) who has been contributing to fight for Human Rights and be the voice for many individuals in the country and is a also member of the UN Body India, on how to have the ‘coming out’ conversation with your parents? Things you SHOULDN’T feel while – Coming out. How can you be there for someone who has recently come out of the closet or is planning to do so publicly? Why is this high time to normalize the coming out chat?