Neha Kakkar 5 Beauty Secrets : One popular celebrity that has been continuously trending among the social media turns 33.  Yes, we are talking about the Bollywood singing sensation, Neha Kakkar. Be it her wedding or a music video, Neha Kakkar’s glamorous looks has always drawn attention on social media. Also known as the style icon, Neha Kakkar has inspired her fans through her major transformation over the years. She has not only slimmed down but has also fought against her acne-prone skin. And we’re sure you’d be thinking about how she blossomed into clear and flawless skin that she has now. So in this video, we’ll be talking about Neha’s 5 beauty secrets.Also Read - Viral Video: Dancing Dad Ricky Pond Grooves To Coke Studio Song Pasoori. Watch

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  1. Skin Care: For Neha, Sunscreen is a must whenever she goes out as it protects her skin from harmful sunrays. Because of her oily skin, Neha cleans her face twice a day. She uses a cleanser as her night time skin care routine.
  2. Make-up: Neha is not a big fan of make-up and usually prefers a no make-up look. However, she usually goes for paraben-free, non-comedogenic and alcohol-free products which improve the skin drastically.
  3. Stays Hydrated: One major secret to her glowing skin is that she makes sure to drink adequate amount of water and stay hydrated all day. She assures that drinking regular water keeps you away from pimples and gives your skin a healthy look.
  4. Green Tea: Neha Kakkar, starts her day with a cup of green tea. She calls it magical as green tea has the properties to keep skin problems away.
  5. Healthy Diet: Did you know that Neha rarely exercises? Yes, and she mostly believes in having a healthy diet. She avoids junk and prefers home cooked food. To keep herself digested, she chooses to walk after her every meal.

So these were the five beauty secrets of Neha Kakkar. Try them out and let us know which one worked out for you. Also Read - Specially-abled Man Rides Tricycle To Drop Off His Kids to School, Twitter Hails A Father's Love | Watch

Script by Sneha M Jain