If you have grown up in an Indian household, there are chances that your parents or grandparents must have fed you overnight soaked almonds first thing in the morning or you must have consumed it in various dishes.
Although, a lot of people have questions in mind regarding the form of almonds consumption.Also Read - Horoscope Today: Windfall Gains for Cancer, Scorpios To Expect Romantic Entanglements

Health experts advice to consume soaked almonds (Badaam) in the summer season as in this way the nutrients more easily absorbed by the body. Also Read - Vladimir Putin Suffering From Serious Illnesses, Including Cancer, Mentally Disarranged; Claims Ukraine Intel Chief

Each day, soak a handful of almonds (Badaam) and add it to your summer diet to enjoy its various health benefits. Also Read - Skincare Tips: Best And Effective Natural Remedies To Keep Your Skin Fresh And Healthy During Summers - Watch