The second wave of the novel coronavirus, covid 19 has wreaked havoc across the country with lakhs of cases being registered on a daily basis and lockdown like restrictions in most parts of the country. Hospitals beds are full and shortage of oxygen, the country is bleeding. At this time, if there is any demand for anything after oxygen in the country, then it is Remdesivir Injection.Also Read - Study Reveals How Remdesivir For Covid-19 Has Reduced The Need For Mechanical Ventilation

Remdesivir is an antiviral medicine. When, the virus damages the lung cells in the body, these medicines are given to fight the virus and to prevent the damage. Last year, the Government of India approved the use of this drug on COVID-19 patients. Also Read - In a First, Merck Says Its New Covid Pills Reduce Hospitalisation And Deaths

Currently, different companies are producing it in India and the price of one ranging from Rs. 899 to Rs. 5,400. With extreme demand for this medicine in the country, many people are not getting a vial even after spending thousands of rupees. Also Read - Pune Police Uses Gangs of Wasseypur Meme to Warn People About Fraudsters Selling Fake Remdesivir

The government has informed that the production of Remdesivir in the country has increased from 38 lakhs to 74 lakh vials per month. At present, fake Remdesivir medicines are also being sold in many states. So now in this video we will tell you some things, which can help you differentiate between fake and real Remdesivir medicine.

In fake medicine, Rx is not written in front of Remdesivir. The first letter of the word vial in fake Remdesivir medicine isn’t capitalised Apart from this, there will be many mistakes in spelling.

Find out the easiest ways to differentiate between real and fake Remdesivir medicine in the video.