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Revolt RV400 To Kabira KM40000; Top Electric Bikes And Scooters That You Can Choose To Buy In India In 2021

Electric bikes/scooters serves as a great medium to commute for shorter distances and is also low maintenance and cost effective. They are also less noisy and environment friendly.

Published: July 23, 2021 6:36 PM IST

By Toshi Tiwari | Edited by Video Desk

Top Electric Bikes and Scooters That You Can Choose To Buy in India in 2021: With the increase in pollution and hike in petrol prices, many people are choosing to opt for sustainable lifestyle choices. This has brought Electric bikes and scooters into a greater demand these days. It serves as a great medium to commute for shorter distances and is also low maintenance and cost effective. Additionally, electric scooters are less noisy and environment friendly. So, if you wish to buy an electric bike or scooter this year, then we have got you sorted. Here’s a list of top 5 electric bikes and scooters that you can buy in India in 2021.

  1. Revolt RV 400: If you desire to have a regular sports commuter motorcycle which is less noisy and cost effective then Revolt RV 400 is just for you. It packs a 4kW electric motor with a claimed top speed of 85km/hr. The bike comes with a 3.24kW removable battery, which can be charged inside homes within 5 hours. The price of Revolt RV400 starts at Rs. 90,799 which may differ according to the states.
  1. Hero Photon HX: If you are looking for an electric scooter costs you less than Rs. 75,000, then you can go for Hero Photon HX. The Photon HX stands stylishly in red or silver aerodynamic body design. It merely charges in 4 hours powering up your ride for at least 80 km. Weighing 87 kgs, this e-scooter is powered by high-powered BLDC motor with a peak power of 1200w that revs it up instantly for a sweet ride.
  1. Okinawa i-Praise: Okinawa i-Praise is another electric scooter available at a starting price around Rs. 1, 06,761 in India. It comes with three ride modes, eco, sport and turbo with a top speed of 75 Kmph. Its dual battery pack takes around 3 hours to charge. The scooter’s conventional looks with overall riding dynamics makes it a viable choice for its buyers.
  1. Ather 450/450X: If you are hunting for a sporty scooter that is ideal for your daily commutes, then you can also go for Ather 450/ 450X. The cost of this e-scooter starts around Rs.1.27 lakhs and runs at the speed of 80km/hr. Apart from being less bulky unlike the normal scooters, the futuristic design of this scooter embedded with only necessary panels makes it more appealing.
  1. Kabira KM4000: Kabira KM4000 is another stylish electric bike launched by a Goa based company whose price starts around 1.36 lakhs. This bike with a naked look runs at a top speed of 120kmph. It has two charging modes, with Eco mode taking 6 hours to fully charge the bike, while in Boost charge, the bike can be charged in 2 hours. The KM4000 also comes up with digital instrument console with Bluetooth connectivity and keyless ignition.

Thus, these were some top trendy, reliable and extremely durable electric bikes and scooters that you can buy in India.

      Script By Sneha M Jain

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