Smoking And Covid 19 : Are you addicted to smoking ? Well then, here is a bad news for you. According to the reports, there are chances that you may contract corona virus at a much higher rate than non-smokers. The recent study published in the journal Thorax shows that smokers are at a 80 percent higher risk of getting Covid 19 and it’s severity which also includes the risk of dying. We all know how injurious smoking can be towards our heath as it includes bad substances like Nicotine and Carbon monoxide which has a harmful effects on our lungs, heart and other organs of our body. In this video we have explained how injurious smoking can become for you and how taking medical help can  reduce the addiction and keep smokers safe from contracting it. Watch video.Also Read - Dengue Prevention Tips: Delhi Witnesses Massive Surge In Dengue Cases, Here's How You Can Protect Yourself - Watch Video

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