The Family Man 2 Video Review: Manoj Bajpayee and Samantha Akkineni starrer web-series was finally released on Amazon Prime Video amid a lot of fanfare on June 4. But is it worth all the hype? The new season of the show has nine episodes of around 50 minutes each and every episode takes you more and more inside a totally gripping storyline. What seemed most exciting to us was that the creators of the show – Raj and DK, didn’t make it yet another story of India trying to stop Pakistan from causing a terror attack. Rather, they touched upon a more poignant storyline, and tried to explore something that no other filmmaker or writer tried to deal with so much intensity in the past. They presented the struggles of Sri Lankan Tamils and what they went through while demanding their share of freedom.Also Read - The Family Man 2 Review: Better Than The First; Manoj Bajpayee is Star But Samantha, a Hero!

While Manoj Bajpayee‘s brilliance as an actor comes as no surprise, Samantha’s villain role as Raji does surprises. She’s gritty, complex, silent, and yet explosive in her stance. Raji and Srikant Tiwari make for solid two characters that constantly take the viewers with themselves till the last. And what about Srikant’s family now? Well, the problems are there – the kids have grown up, they are understanding independence and freedom and his wife is still trying to choose between what she has and what she can have as a working independent woman who deserves all the better and more wonderful things in the world – including a man who has time for herself. But, that’s a choice that she has to make. Watch out our video review for more and our detailed review here as we give four stars to The Family Man season 2. Also Read - The Family Man 2 | All That You Need to Know About This Web Series on Amazon Prime Video

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