Plank is considered as one of the most beneficial exercises when it comes to strengthening your core muscles. Having its roots in Yoga, a plank is simple but yet wrongly performed by many. The basic plank exercise just needs you to be in a push-up position with the help of your elbows. Make sure your entire body is forming one straight line. Hold this position as long as you can and you are done. This workout is especially important for those having a sedentary lifestyle. This common abdominal workout, if practiced correctly, can improve your body posture, increase flexibility, and decrease your risk of getting back and spinal injury. If you are on a weight loss regimen, then also you can do a plank. It can boost your body’s metabolism and help you burn fat effectively. Watch this video to know how to do a plank correctly by our expert.Also Read - Adhyayan Suman's Girlfriend Maera Mishra's Sultry Gym Picture Will Make You Retry That Plank Pose!

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