Sleep is one of the most significant parts of our lives. It is important for our overall well-being. During sleep, some of the physical and mental processes take place that is essential for our normal growth and development. Good sleep helps you in boosting your immune system response, controlling body temperature, regulating appetite, repairing damaged cells and tissues, and controlling your brain functions. According to experts in the field, an adult should take an average sleep of 7 to 9 hours. Lack of good sleep can potentially cause morning headaches, lack of libido, anxiety, poor memory, relationship issues and many more problems. Also, poor sleep can increase your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases like a heart attack, stroke etc. You may also be susceptible to type 2 diabetes. Watch this video to know about the potential repercussions of improper sleep in detail.Also Read - Sleeping Less Can You Make You Fat And There's Valid Reason Behind it

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