Top 5 Benefits of Coriander Leaves: Guess an ingredient that is Green, fresh, aromatic and an indispensable part of Indian cooking?  Yes, you got it right. It’s none other than the Coriander leaves. Be it soups or salads, Dal or curries, finely chopped coriander leaves are one of the oldest herbs used in Indian cuisines whose garnishing adds a pleasant taste, making the dish more appealing and tempting. But its usage doesn’t end here, coriander leaves also comprises of impressive nutritional benefits packed with useful antioxidant properties. Not just leaves, coriander seeds are also used in Indian kitchen and are known for its medicinal properties. So without any delay, let’s tell you about how beneficial this herb can be to your body.Also Read - Want To Increase Height? These Food Items Can Help You Grow Taller - Watch Video

  1. Coriander Leaves keep eyes healthy: Did you know coriander can be immensely useful for individuals with weak eyesight? Yes, components like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and carotenoids present in Coriander promote healthy vision. It is also said to be effective in healing conjunctivitis and can delay age-related macular degenerative disorders of vision.
  2. Coriander Leaves are immunity Boosters: Coriander offers several antioxidants like terpinene, quercetin and tocopherols that have the ability to fight cellular damage and strengthen your Immune System. Studies also claim that these antioxidants can lower inflammation and may have anti-cancer & neuroprotective effects.
  3. Coriander Leaves keep the Blood-Sugar Levels on Point: Coriander’s ability to activate certain enzymes can alleviate diabetic symptoms. So if you are diabetic, Coriander extracts, seeds or oils may help lower your blood sugar levels. However, it’s so powerful that people with low blood sugar should use it cautiously.
  4. Coriander Leaves keep Gut Healthy and Aids Digestion: As Coriander leaves are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, they may accelerate healthy digestion. Regular consumption relieves you from abdominal pain, bloating, discomfort and may enhance your gut health.
  5. Coriander Leaves keeps the Bone Healthy: Filled with tissue enriching minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium may increase bone density and protect you from aching joints due to arthritis or osteoporosis. So if you want, strong bones, you know what to include in your diet.

So uplift your health by adding these fresh, green and aromatic leaves into your daily diet. Also Read - 8 Nutritious Foods You Need to Reach Out For This Monsoon

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