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On a Trip to Tamil Nadu? Don’t Miss These Intricate And Historical Temples | Watch Video

Top Famous Temple in Tamil Nadu : From Meenakshi Temple to Nataraja Temple a video about the most famous temples of Tamil Nadu - Watch Video

Published: June 14, 2022 6:30 PM IST

By Toshi Tiwari | Edited by Video Desk

Top Famous Temple in tamil Nadu : The state of Tamil Nadu is known as state of temples. These exhibit the cultural heritage of India along with some of the finest architectural creations. If you are planning to visit Tamil Nadu anytime soon, then you have landed to the right video, as we have listed out the 5 most famous temples in state that will provide you with a great spiritual experience.

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1) Meenakshi Temple : Meenakshi Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Tamil Nadu which was built during the Nayak rule Also, known as Meenakshi- Sundereshwar temple. This temple is an excellent example of traditional sculptures & magnificent architecture. An interesting story behind the temple is Goddess Meenakshi (Parvati) got married to lord Shiva and that function took place in Madurai. Hence, she got the name Meenakshi.

2) Rameshwaram Temple : Rameshwaram Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to the lord shiva located on Rameswaram island in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is said that the Rameshwaram temple is formed when lord Rama prayed to god Shiva to get this blessing and ask to forgive him. Rameshwaram temple is famous for holy water bodies which are in the form of wells and tanks.

3) Kumari Amman Temple : Kumari amman temple is one of the sacred pilgrimage places and is the top 10 temples in Tamil Nadu. This Temple is considered to be one of the 52 peethas Temple where it is believed that the back spine area of Devi Sati fell down here. This temple is dedicated to the Devi Kanya also known as Bhagavathi Amman which is the form of the Goddess Parvati.

4) Brihadeeswarar Temple : Brihadeesarar temple is also known as periyal kovil which is one of the most popular tourist attractions located in the Thanjavur district. It is dedicated to lord shiva. This temple is a tribute and a reflection of the power of the Chola King, Raja Raja Chola I.

5) Nataraja Temple : The Nataraja temple is considered one of the most popular temples in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the Panch bootha sthalas which represents temples of five different cities and each city represent a natural element.

Written by – Mehak Sharma

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