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Top 5 Things Kashmir Is Famous For Apart From Its Enchanting Beauty – Watch Video

Top 5 Things Kashmir Is Famous For: From kesar to kashmir willow bats, in this video we have shared top 5 things Kashmir is famous for. Watch Video.

Published: July 4, 2022 1:02 PM IST

By Toshi Tiwari | Edited by Video Desk

Top 5 Things Kashmir Is Famous For: Kashmir is not just about the stunning scenic views but also known for its handicrafts. Kashmiri artwork is known worldwide for its unique artistic work and the grandeur. In this video we are listed top 5 things Kashmir is famous for apart from it’s stunning beauty.

Kesar: Amidst the towering snow-capped mountains of Pampore, Kashmir, lie fields covered in a blanket of purple crocus flowers. This is the flower that produces the precious spice known as saffron. Pampore, is known as the ‘saffron capital of India’, with more than 20,000 families associated with saffron cultivation. The saffron produced in the region is of superior quality and can fetch as much as Rs 2,50,000 per kilogram in the market.

Kashmiri Pashmina: Kashmir is a well-known place for Pashmina shawls and blankets. These shawls are perfectly crafted by experienced craftsmen of Kashmir and made up of pure sheep wool. Pashmina shawl or blanket has very fine, soft and warm texture which makes it expensive. Earlier, the Pashmina was only worn by kings and queens and hence denoted royalty.

Kashmiri carpets: Kashmiri Carpets are famous worldwide because of its specialty of being handmade and rich in texture. Carpet making is a unique art and its quality depends on the number of knots. Kashmiri carpets are hand-knotted and made using pure wool or pure silk.

Kashmir Dry Fruits: Dry fruits are such items which are generally liked by everyone. Kashmir offers an extensive range of dry fruits like Almond, Walnut, Cashews, Hazelnuts and Figs.

Kashmir Willow Bats: If you love playing cricket, then Kashmir willow bats are the best. They are quite a popular choice amongst professional batsmen. These bats have light pick up and outstanding grip. These cricket bats are manufactured using the premium quality Kashmir willow. Kashmir Willow Bats have impeccable handling and superior strokes

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