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Viral Video: A Woman Screams in Shock as an Ostrich Pokes Its Head Into Car For Corn Bag

Viral Video: A Woman freaks out when an Ostrich pokes its head into car at a safari park.

Published: June 17, 2022 10:27 PM IST

By Nikhil Khattar | Edited by Video Desk

Viral Video: A video of a woman has gone viral on internet. In this video a woman freaks out when an ostrich poked its head right into the car at a safari park. This incident took place at safari park in Mississippi. Woman was present with her friend Stephen Malon. Chloe Benham, 22, visited Safari Wild Animal Park in Como. Ostrich was in search of food and the lady had a bag of corn in her hand and her car’s window was wide open. The ostrich went right away for the bag. She can be seen yelling out loud in this video. People are watching this hilarious video again and again.

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