You must have cooked dal makhani ample times at your home but in the latest video from our recipe series, we bring to you the easiest and best way to cook dal makhani – one of the most celebrated dishes in north India. What is exciting about this dish is how chef Jason D’Souza explains the need of using whole spices instead of powder and a complete step-by-step method to cook the daal.Also Read - Watch: How to Convert a Boring Common Dish Into a Tasty 'Bombay Potato With Olives' - Recipe

You can either follow the same recipe and add some of your methods to it to make it tastier and more celebratory. At the end of the video, you will also see our chef answering some of the important questions about cooking the daal makhani and what ingredients can be used alternatively for other ingredients. So ask your inner wonder chef to come out and prepare this version of daal makhani for you and your family! Also Read - Watch: This Beetroot Poriyal Recipe With a Spicy Twist Will Make You Proud of Your Cooking Skills

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