How many times have you thought of taking a break from your usual pudina chutney and tomato chutney? Though these are really tasty food items that go well with all kinds of delicacies, it’s time to look out for more options. How about trying your hands at making hummus? Also Read - Gochujeon or Chilli Pepper Pancakes Recipe: Follow These Easy Steps to Make The Tasty Pancakes at Home

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Hummus is just another form of your basic chutney, it’s just made of different ingredients and is not as spicy as others are expected to be. It’s made from chickpea, sesame seeds, and basic spices in your kitchen. All you need to do is to boil some chickpeas and blend them well with some sesame seeds and spices at home. Garnish with a pinch of cumin powder, coriander leaves and a little bit of olive oil. Relish! Also Read - Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe: Check Out The Easy Steps on How to Make This Crunchy Non-Vegetarian Dish