Isn’t it great to let go of tensions and to connect with relaxation? Stress is constricting and in these visualisations, you may notice how liberating it feels to surrender to the way of this balloon so that it can carry your stress far away to the open sky.Also Read - Hair Care Tips: Struggling From Hair Fall? Try These Effective Ayurvedic Remedies Today | Watch

In session 3 of our stress-reducing video series, we bring to you another way to practice meditation. The effects of these meditation techniques are not imagined, they are real. If you observe your breathing, hormones, muscular activity, heartbeat, you will see real evidence of relaxation in your mind and body. Also Read - What is Emotional Eating and How to Control it? All You Need to Know

Without wasting any further time, close your eyes and just listen to the audio for the next 15 minutes. Also Read - How to do Gomukhasana Video: Benefits, Steps, And Precautions - Watch