Stress is not an outcome of your regular activities. It’s your mind’s reaction to how you have been responding to situations for a long time. Stress is what comes in when you deal with a situation in a particular way. Here, in session two of our mind and body wellness video series, we bring to you a 16-minute video at the end of which you will learn that no matter what life throws at you, you will always deal with situations in a relaxed and calm manner. Also Read - Unconditional Love: This Chennai Woman Eats Only Once A Day & Saves the Rest For Her 13 Dogs

All you need to do is just sit in a quiet corner of your house, play the video, close your eyes, and listen to the voice for the next 16-minutes. Let’s start! Also Read - Online Exams Without Cheating? New Tech by IIT Bhubaneswar May Have Cracked the Code

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