What is Nipah Virus, Explained: Kerala is already battling with deadly Covid 19 pandemic and is now witnessing the re-emergence of an another virus i.e. Nipah Virus. Nipah virus infection is a zoonotic illness that causes causes severe disease in both animals and humans. It was first identified in 1998 during an outbreak in Malaysia. Previously in 2018, the state had suffered a loss due to the virus claiming 17 lives. The recent news about the death of a 12 year boy from Kozhikode has led the state health authorities to take all the necessary precautionary measures to keep things under control this time. In this video, we will get a detailed explanation on Nipah Virus, it’s causes, symptoms and treatment. Watch Video to find out all about Nipah Virus.Also Read - Health Tips: These Ayurvedic Herbs Can Control Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally | Watch video

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