When WhatsApp announced its privacy policy, people have started looking at the App with suspicion. Is WhatsApp selling your data? Are your personal messages not safe on this app? Which is the best alternative to WhatsApp?Also Read - 1 in 2 Indian Users Say WhatsApp Changes Unacceptable: Poll

To know the answers to the above queries, watch this video by Sipping Thoughts where Shivangi Nadkarni, a Co-founder and CEO of Arrka Consulting, shares some crucial facts (or some bitter truths about the app) about WhatsApp and Signal. 

Whatever made you think that you are getting the services free of cost or out of goodwill is the sad story of this digital age. And a failure of our government and us! Because none of the layman users would ever concern to read the policies before sharing their critical data through these apps. Soon enough every data of yours is out in the market and companies are benefiting from them. 

Now when WhatsApp has actually put a condition that whether you accept our policy or we would discontinue our services, we know our data and information are at risk. But was it not at risk before? Were they not selling or sharing our data without our knowledge to the third-party, to say Facebook and others? Everything in business is business. 

And we all have been selling our freedom and privacy for free when we actually thought we were getting services for free. What about Signal? Is it a better alternative? To give you a clue, it a non-profit company. You can get more details on which App to pick and what data does WhatsApp share with Facebook and third parties by watching this video.  

Also, Shivangi Nadkarni, who is an expert in the area of data security, shares some key tips and steps on how we can keep ourselves safe while using apps on our devices. There are many simple things that are right in front of us that we often overlook or ignore, and these simple things end up exposing us to data breaches. This video has every piece of information that you need to have before downloading Signal or uninstalling WhatsApp.