If women cab driver suddenly arrives at your doorstep, isn’t it strange? A woman driving you to the office or at places?? But let me tell you, times have changed and women have broken all stereotypes and they are doing jobs with pride which primarily men did. This international women’s day, we are celebrating these women. Also Read - Woman Beats Boss With Mop After He Sent Her Lewd Texts, Hailed As a Hero For Standing Up to Him | Watch

Puja Kumari, a 24-year-old Uber Cab driver based out of Delhi, who dreamt of having a bank job while growing up but could not graduate from school due to financial restraints. Kumari decided to take on the wheels and has proven that gender has no role for any job. Also Read - Viral Video: Crazy Fight Breaks Between 2 Girls on Road As They Thrash & Pull Each Other's Hair | Watch

Sitting in the driver’s seat offers many, like Kumari, the financial independence that most women in their neighbourhood don’t enjoy explains Pooja. Though, her initial journey was not a bed of roses but she chose to challenge the world. Also Read - Man Proposes to Girlfriend With 5 Diamond Rings & Asks Her to Choose The Best, Feeling Jealous Yet? | Watch Video

In fact, Pooja’s determination did not stop when she drove the medical staffers during the initial days of the pandemic.

Kumari wishes, more women to become independent and not feel odd at any such jobs.

We Salute Pooja Kumari’s courage.