Celebrating Yogita Raghuvanshi, India’s first women truck driver this International women’s day. She broke all gender stereotypes by taking on the truck driver’s seat.Also Read - Viral Video: Crocodile Surrounded By 3 Hungry Lions Fights Furiously For His Life. Watch

A woman truck driver, seems off road right? In the face of difficult circumstances when her husband died in a road accident, Yogita, LLB by degree had to take on the driver’s seat. India got it’s first women truck driver, Yogita Raghuvanshi 18 years back. Also Read - Video Shows Little Girl From Bihar Born With 4 Arms and Legs, Sonu Sood Helps Her Get Treatment

Busting stereotypes, today, Yogita is a role model to many this International women’s day. Although, when she started her journey was not a bed rose. People on the road saw Yogita driving a truck with strange eyes but she held her high and never stopped takes on to the journeys with a smile. Also Read - Viral Video: Sloth Mom Reunites With Baby, Gives It a Warm Hug. Watch Adorable Clip

For Yogita, truck driving trucks meant instant wages and support to her children. She recalls, ‘it takes days to complete truck journey but my children supported me through it.’

Yogita, is an inspiration to many such women. She chose to challenge, we salute her, this International women’s day!!!