Women’s Day 2021 Special: Celebrating Geeta Tandon, a stuntwoman, this international women’s day. She broke all gender stereotypes by taking up this dangerous profession.Also Read - Horrific Incident: Jamaican Zookeeper Gets His Finger Ripped Off By A Lion After Poking It Constantly Through The Fence - Watch Viral Video

Lights, camera and action, the most glamorous words of the entertainment industry. (Bollywood) Although, behind the glitz and glamour, there are many hidden stories. One such story is of Geeta Tandon. You must have not seen her on screen but seen her. Yes, Geeta tandon, a woman stuntwoman of the Bollywood industry, a face behind many challenging stunts. (International women’s day) Also Read - Viral Video: Little Girl Dances Adorably in Metro, Her Cute Expressions Will Make You Smile | Watch

Everyone had dreams but for some circumstances change everything. This Gutsy mother, choose to challenge all odds and began performing dangerous stunts to feed her children and be a proud independent woman. Also Read - Viral Video: Elephant Slaps Girl in The Face When She Tries to Click Picture, Internet Says Ouch | Watch

Her is an inspiration to the world, she quotes, “I am feeling like a heroine today. Until now my face was behind other faces, but today the world knows me and it is the proudest moment for me this International women’s day.”

Geeta’s journey has not been a bed of roses, she had her challenges but she requests women to be independent as it gives them the wings to fly.

We salute Geeta’s courage, she chose to challenge.