The whole world was taken aback by the sudden (unwanted) virus entering our lives and creating havoc. Well, with Covid-19 coming, lock-downs and many offices opting for remote working, things have changed drastically, but what remains the same is harassment of women at the workplace. Also Read - Tamil Nadu Woman Becomes ‘Man’ To Avoid Sexual Harassment, Raise Her Daughter ‘Safely’

Pandemic has exposed us to the digital world (too much) with which some were still shying away, some were comfortable and the rest bothered least to try. It has put us all on the same page, now we all have to learn, adjust and accept online platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and others for our office meetings and other professional work. Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Reveals 'Kaala Sach' of Bollywood: 'Sexual Exploitation is so Common...'

But do we need to be cautious as we use these online platforms? Are we careful enough? Do we know what online workplace harassment is?  Also Read - VIDEO: On-Duty Bihar Cop Forces Woman To Give Him Body Massage Inside Police Station To Get Her Son Out Of Jail

In this video on online workplace harassment against women, hosted by Sipping Thoughts, our guest Raina Khatri Tandon, a POSH Expert, briefly speaks about this issue.   

Women working remotely could understand the problems they face while working from home: No fixed working hours, sudden audio/video call meetings, and calls from the office at unwanted hours, and many more. 

Apart from all these, sexual harassment cases are still reported as now women are harassed on Zoom meetings, Video calls, WhatsApp chats or any other digital medium. 

Eve-teasing and abusive comments in women’s life on buses, trains, footpaths and offices; things haven’t got better. The only change is now most of the harassment happens digitally. Cyber Harassment can be anything to do with clothing, how people should behave on camera and during work hours, what time they need to be on- or off-camera. 

Pandemic has increased the engagement of people on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. These things associate cyber bullying, insults and bad-mouthing on comments and criticism.

Just in a month, more than 1000 cases of Cyber harassment have been reported from just two-three major states of India. There are a lot of questions related to cyber bullying and virtual workplace harassment.

Things are the same and haven’t been reduced even in lock-down. Not only on roads, women aren’t safe even if they are working from home. Undefined rules and regulations of WFH have made Virtual workplace harassment worse. Hear out from the expert (Raina Khatri Tandon) herself.