What is Alzheimer ? Alzheimer is a neurological disorder where a person loses his/her ability to remember, think, analyze and understand. It is the most common type of Dementia and usually affects people aged 65 and above. The disease can affect a person’s functioning from a mild stage of memory loss to a harsh stage where a person completely starts to rely on other people for their basic needs. The symptoms include mental decline, forgetfulness, difficulty in concentrating, aggression, personality changes and more. On this World Alzheimer’s Day, we have with us Dr. Kaustabh Mahajan who is a Consultant Neurologist in Raheja Hospital, will give us a detailed insight on what Alzheimer is, it’s causes, symptoms, treatment and more. Watch video.Also Read - WHO Issues Alert On 4 Indian Cough Syrups After 66 Gambian Kids Die | Watch Video

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