Food contains fats, proteins, and sugar. Diabetes is a problem with metabolism of sugar. You body gets sugar to use as energy through the food you eat and via liver (it produces sugar). The movement of sugar into the cell is facilitated by pancreas. When production of insulin is impaired, we call it type 1 or juvenile diabetes, however in type 2 or adult onset diabetes, either there is too little insulin or impaired utilization of insulin or both. The former usually affects an individual in the childhood, whereas the latter affects later in life. Certain factors like family history, obesity, poor nutritional habits, and lack of exercises among others can make you susceptible to diabetes. Some of the common symptoms of diabetes include increased appetite, thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, vision problem, burning feet etc. Watch this video to know how to get diabetes diagnosed and treated by Dr. Howard Goldberg.Also Read - World Diabetes Day 2019: Lifestyle Habits Associated With The Condition

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