World Diabetes Day is an annual observance. It is celebrated on November 14 world-wide. This year, the theme of this day is ‘The Family and Diabetes.’ Diabetes is a disease that has many potential causes. But genetic susceptibility and environmental factors are at the top of the list. According to doctors, in today’s era, diabetes occurs mostly because of the unhealthy lifestyle people are having. And the conventional approach of simply using insulin or oral drugs to treat diabetes is incomplete. This is because diabetes is a complex condition with many metabolic disturbances. So, the best way to manage the condition for the long-term is to look for a multifactorial approach to treat the condition. According to experts in the field, you basically need to remove processed food from your daily diet, avoid drinking pasteurized milk, use recommended nutritional supplements, and control your stress level. A high-stress level can lead to an increased level of cortisol hormone which is already associated with insulin resistance. As the World Diabetes Day is around the corner, here we present a holistic view of the disease by Dr. Keith DeOrio.Also Read - National Diabetes Month: Know The Risk Factors to Prevent The Condition

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