World Environment Day 2021: Mother earth is a home to a number of living species and all of us are dependent on the environment for food, air and water. To mark its importance, the United Nations designated June 5th as the ‘World Environment Day.’ With the increase in Climate change, Global Warming and endless environmentally hazardous activities, protection of our environment have become a serious matter of concern. It’s high time that we act responsibly and take individual steps to conserve our environment. And we are here to give you a good start by telling you about 5 different ways in which you can sustain our environment.Also Read - World Likely to Witness 1.5C of Warming in Next Five Years: WMO

  1. Know what you throw: With the increase in population, controlling the volume of waste generated has become quite challenging. So one simple way by which you can reduce the waste is by reusing and recycling old materials instead of disposing them off.
  2. Shop Eco-friendly: Be it technology or electricity, say no to plastics and give big thumbs up to planet friendly products. Minimize your shopping by purchasing reusable items and replace your paper made products with cloth or napkins.
  3. Conserve energy: To avoid the depletion of natural resources, energy conservation is very important. You can simply do this by using energy-efficient bulbs, switching off appliances when not in use and by choosing to walk or bike over a Car ride.
  4. Plant a tree: Did you know every part of a tree has the ability to sustain life? Yes, not just this, trees also play a major role in reducing the greenhouse effects from the atmosphere. So make it a habit to plant a tree every day. You can also encourage others to do the same by gifting them a bunch of sapling or seeds.
  5. Go Vegan: And finally, did you know you’re eating habits could help reduce the carbon footprint? Yes, just by eliminating meat, fish, dairy and incorporating a vegan diet would help you cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce carbon footprint from food by 73%.

So, these were some easy steps that we should take to become more sustainable. Any change takes time, but small individual steps can definitely help us make a positive difference in                            conserving our planet. Also Read - Engineering Sustainable Infrastructure Today To Build A Better Tomorrow

 Script by Sneha M Jain Also Read - Twitter Bans 'Misleading' Climate Change Ads in Line With Inappropriate Content Policy