World Thrombosis Day : Thrombosis is a formation of blood clot known as Thrombus which forms and stays in blood vessels. The clot can block veins and arteries. The symptoms can include pain, numbness, swelling in one leg and chest pain and if ignored it may lead to heatstroke. There are mainly two types of thrombosis namely Arterial thrombosis and Venous thrombosis. On 13th of October is World Thrombosis Day which is celebrated every year globally, to increase it’s awareness regarding risk factors , signs, symptoms and treatment thereby leading to reduce death and disability caused by thrombosis. In this video we have with us, who will give us a brief insight on thrombosis and the significance of World Thrombosis Day. Watch Video.Also Read - Pale Skin, Weakness, Anxiety: Warning Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency You Should Not Ignore And Why

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