Yoga to beat stress: While Covid-19 cases continue to surge, we need to be even more vigilant, while staying at home and keeping ourselves healthy and fit. While eating right and exercising ensures our bodies and minds stay fit, it is also important to strengthen our overall health by doing any kind of physical activity, it can be cardio or yoga. The best way to deal with stress is yoga.Also Read - Benefits of Yoga: Should it be Done on an Empty Stomach? Expert Reveals

If you live a fast-paced life, chances are you are constantly under stress and feel the need to let go. Yoga – the ancient practise not only keeps you fit but strengthens the connection between the body, mind, and spirit, which helps a person deal with stress and anxiety. Are you too looking for ways to get rid of the stress and calm your nerves down? In this video, Grand Master Akshar shares yoga poses to help keep your brain fit and in upright working condition by helping you manage your stress levels. Also Read - How to do Gomukhasana Video: Benefits, Steps, And Precautions - Watch

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