Being a mom doesn’t mean losing your own sense of individuality. However, for Rajeshwari Sachdev, motherhood is all about giving your all to your kid because there comes a time when you are the only world for your child and you have to prepare yourself to give yourself wholly and entirely to the child’s wellbeing. In our Mother’s Day special conversation, Rajeshwari talks about being a hands-on mom who never shies away from learning from her son Devagya Badola. She says she can never do as much for her son as her mother did for her but she tries to live up her journey to the fullest. While speaking on breaking stereotypes around motherhood, Rajeshwari says it’s ‘to each her own’. She says every mom has a different journey that can never be planned because each day is different. The actor says that sometimes, the child allows you to have your own time and sometimes, he needs you the most. “I am a mother who steals my son’s chocolate and enjoys eating it alone,” she exults as she tries to explain how motherhood is all about growing up with your kid.Also Read - Anand Mahindra Gives New House To Tamil Nadu’s Idli Amma As Mother’s Day Present And Internet Can't Keep Calm | Watch Video

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