Did you know that even girlfriends can be categorised?! We’re sure you’ve heard of some of the most common “types” – the cool ones, the nagging ones, the hot ones, etc. But then, did you ever imagine there could be 10?! Seems like a huge number, doesn’t it? Well, Rclbeauty101 on YouTube has classified the types of girlfriends and found there are 10 major types. The best part? Rclbeauty101 is a girl herself! So, here’s the truth from the horse’s mouth! And while she does say that it matters to be a healthy mix of all of these, if you’re just the one types – God save your boyfriend! Coz then, existing with you can be extremely sweet at times and extremely crazy at others! Also Read - Girls Should Not Make Boyfriends to be Safe, Says BJP MLA Pannalal Shakya

So then, what are these types anyways? And how do you know what category you fall under? There’s the social media girlfriend who’s just stuck to her phone 24×7 and is just texting and posting selfies all the time! You seriously get pissed off after a time and wonder if she’ll post every little thing you do – even if it’s cleaning dog poop. Then, there’s also the jealous girlfriend. While we do admit that some jealousy is healthy in any relationship – being jealous all the time and questioning him each time he so much as even passes a girl is a little too much! Then, you have the naggers. They just can’t shut up! There’s something to nag and complain about all the time. They can just never be happy and satisfied with their lot in life. Also Read - How to make your girlfriend jealous? This video shows everything about it

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So well, these are the three popular ones. But which are the others? And what category do you fall under? Watch the video to know!