Humanity has learnt a lot from the several wars we have fought since the break of dawn. Once the pinnacle of weapons technology was the bow and arrow and today it is nuclear missiles which act as a deterrent because of the uncontrollable radiation that follows. It has been said a lot that if there is a third World War then it will be over the control of fuel and water. Also Read - Coronavirus: Russia’s EpiVacCorona Vaccine Has 100% Efficacy, Claims Report

There have been continual efforts to avoid a third war that engulfs the world because there is no winner, everybody loses. The use of nuclear weapons will be unwarranted. Unstable states like Pakistan among others will launch their nukes against decade-old enemies like India. Russia will go head to head with the USA. Europe’s alliance might be against the Middle-East. Who knows what will be left if WWIII begins. Also Read - Russian Couples Kiss Inside Packed Metro Trains to Protest Covid-19 Restrictions, Trigger Criticism

According to economics of the current world, it can be determined which country will be affected the most if a cataclysmic event like a war breaks out. Number 10 on the list is Israel because they depend heavily on imports for their food and supplies. The country is hated by all it’s immediate neighbours – Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. Israel has fought a total of 24 wars with it’s hostile neighbouring countries. USA will not be in a position to justify support to the country if they come under attack. [Also Read: World War III on cards? US sends warship to Chinese island in disputed South China Sea] Also Read - Pakistan Among Countries Funnelling Dirty Money to UK: Report

Russia is number 9 on the list. They are already fighting proxy wars against USA in Syria and Ukraine. The situation from the Cold War has hardly changed even if the political turmoil seems to have dissipated on the surface. The presence of a highly unstable protocol known as Dead Man’s Switch fires every nuclear missile controlled by Russia in the event that the Russian leadership falls prey to nuclear war. To know the rest of the list, click on the video below.