A Facebook user named Ed Taoka has shared a video of his daughter with 12 feet Reticulated Python named Cher watching TV together and we must say netizens all around are surprised by the camaraderie and ease that is shown by the girl and the python in the video. The 12 feet Reticulated Python has lovingly cuddled Ed Taoka’s daughter and at one time gives a yawn while watching TV. We must say that most people are a little crazy when it comes to their pets but keeping this python as a pet is taking the love for animals a little too far. The beloved python named Cher gives a yawn during TV time and is probably the best thing on the internet today. It has lovingly cuddled its owner’s daughter on the sofa as well. Also Read - Viral Video: Homeless Man Puts His Only Mask on Dog, Says Won't Let Him Die | Watch

The video that Ed Taoka shared on Facebook and YouTube has gone viral within a day and fetched around 252,000 views on Facebook. The video has amassed around 1,200 Facebook reactions and 4,425 shares and 1,194 comments at the time of writing of this article. Ed Taoka has a YouTube channel under the name Edness Taoka where he shares videos of his pet pythons Sonny and Cher along with his daughter. His YouTube channel’s bio reads, “Snakes are not blood thirsty monsters. They are often wrongly portrayed by the media to cause panic and paranoia. These videos highlight the extremely placid nature of what actually happens looking after well kept reptiles in a domestic setting. We have two, very gentle and calm, captive bred Reticulated pythons called Sonny and Cher.” Panda and Peacock’s Epic Battle in China Zoo Reminds of Po and Lord Shen’s Fight from Kung Fu Panda 2 (Watch Video) Also Read - Viral Video: Man Helps Monkeys Drink Water From His Bottle | Watch

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Ed Taoka’s videos are a hit on the social media and people often go all out commenting on the videos. In the video the little girl looks very comfortable with the snake and sits cuddled to it while the snake is lounging on the sofa while watching TV with her.