It’s Christmas season and the season for giving. One of the coolest things about Christmas are the gatherings and the games. There are fun times in office, Christmas tree decorations at home and a general festive cheer all around. But in all this, there is often one question that hoga down all – what to gift during Christmas? Gifts in general are tricky and when it comes to people you do not really know that well it becomes even more difficult. You do not want to disappoint by giving something the other person does not like neither do you want to give them something too run of the mill. So then, what exactly do you get them? The question is extremely difficult. Also Read - Virat Kohli Turns Secret Santa For Children of a Shelter Home in Kolkata

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What to gift is a difficult question by itself but it becomes even more so when it’s the question of Secret Santa. Loved and played by all in colleges, offices and also among friends, Secret Santa is a fun game. It involves the participants each being a Santa Claus for each other and gifting each other anonymously. Names of all participating members are written on chits of paper and each person draws one chit. The name drawn is the Santee and the person who draws the Santa. The Santa then surprises the receiver with gifts. It’s really a fun game but then, when it comes to gifting, it is difficult especially with colleagues who you do not know really well. Also Read - New Zealanders Have Joined in a Nationwide Secret Santa Game and PM Jacinda Ardern Just Gave the Best Christmas Gift Ever

So then, what do you gift? Let us help you out…

1. Toy Figurines

Everyone loves toy figurines and you only have to figure out which movie or character the person likes and you’re set. It’s not that difficult. Also, figurines are relatively cheap and you can get them for something as low as Rs 200-300. Easy peasy!

Star Wars toy figurines

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2. Movie Tickets

Everyone loves watching movies and around Christmas time, there are always amazing new launches. Gift your Santee movie tickets and just watch their face light up! You can also give them movie vouchers so they can go at their convenience.


3. An experience

If you have the budget for it and are one generous Santa, you can gift your Santee an experience. It could be a day at the spa or maybe just a simple foot massage. Or perhaps a day at Imagica or Essel World… Or a concert… Choose wisely!


4. Lots and lots of food!

This is something no one thinks of! All you need to do is give the person yummilicious food! Get some amazing breakfast, treat them to a good lunch and then top it with a Christmas cake for dessert. You can even pay their canteen bill as a gift…


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5. A day off…

Easy if you’re the boss. Give them a day off and allow them to chill, marking that day as an Outdoor Duty or Work from Home. If not the boss, do their work for them for a day and make their life easy.


6. Many little gifts

It need not be just one big gift you give them. The week leading up to Christmas, give them multiple small gifts like a small chocolate basket, keychain, office supplies, etc.


7. Home accessories

This is an instant hit. Give your Santee a windchime which will always cheer them or a small showpiece waterfall… You can also give them pretty plants (real ones) for their home if you know they can be good caregivers.


8. Complete shoe/purse care kit

This will be expensive but if you know your friend/colleague is crazy about branded stuff, give them a care kit so they make sure their stuff lasts longer and doesn’t go bad.

Cleaning Shoes

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9. Snazzy smartphone cases

Whether you know the person or not, you know for sure which phone the person has. Get a really cool smartphone case for them and trust us, they’ll thank you for life!

Smartphone Case

10. Something for their kid/pet

You really can’t figure out what to give them? Simply get them something for their kid/pet (if they have one). People with kids and pets know that getting something for the little one is often more precious than getting gifts themselves.

Panda Playing with Ball

11. Gift vouchers

The last resort. If you really, absolutely, completely have no idea what to give then just play safe and get gift vouchers. The budget for Secret Santa is generally fixed beforehand so even if it is a small amount, the receiver won’t really feel bad.


So, what have you decided to get your Santee this Secret Santa?