New Delhi: Seems 2020 is no mood to take a break! After coronavirus, cyclones, locust attacks, comes another danger in the form of asteroids.Also Read - Mysteriously Large Meteor Blazes Through Night Sky in Norway, May Have Hit Earth Near Oslo | Watch

According to NASA, not one or two, but five asteroids are flying by Earth today at different intervals. These asteroids, also known as space rocks, are named as 2020 KF, 2020 KE4, 2020 KK7, 2020 KD4, and 2020 KJ1. Also Read - Asteroid 3 Times The Size of Taj Mahal to Pass Close to Earth on July 25, Is It Dangerous?

Among them, a 108-foot wide 2020 KK7 asteroid has already flew past the Earth at 4.43 am EDT which is 2.13 pm IST. The next one was the 115 feet wide 2020 KD4 which flew by at 12,000 miles per hour at 8.47 am EDT or 6.17 IST, at a range of 2.5 million miles away. Also Read - Did Richard Branson Travel To Space? Scientist Neil Degrasse Says This

However, the biggest of the lot is an asteroid named 2020 KF, which is 144-foot in size and will be flying at 24,000 mph or 38,600 kmph across Earth at 12 pm EDT which is 9.30 pm in India.

Meanwhile, 2020 KJ1 asteroid is 105-feet wide and will cruise at 11,000 mph at 1.3 million miles away from the Earth, while 2020 KE4 asteroid will fly at a speed of over 20,000 miles per hour while passing the Earth. It will be 1.8 million miles away of Earth

Is it dangerous?

Thankfully, the asteroid poses no harm to us. Scientists have revealed that this asteroid is expected to burn out in the atmosphere and explode in the sky.