In times when many in our country are screaming intolerance and religious differences, there emerge examples that restore our faith and humanity and tell us that love and friendship is above everything – even things like religion that sometimes drives wedges between people. In one of the most heartening news, a young 15 year old teenager from Agra named Nazia was awarded the Rani Laxmibai Bravery Award for showing presence of mind and saving her school mate who was ironically a Hindu. She was presented the Rani Laxmibai Bravery award, an award that is given to women who perform brave feats and save lives, aid others, etc yesterday, on March 8th, International Women’s Day by the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav.Also Read - Trolls Strike Again! Pune Woman Receives 40,000 Abusive Messages After She Shares Pictures of Her Interfaith Wedding to Support Tanishq

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Nazia belongs to the Saghir Fatima Mohammadia Girls Inter College and one day, while returning from school, she heard the desperate cries of a girl. On investigating, she discovered that two youth were trying to pull and abduct a young 6-year old girl on a motor-cycle. Nazia knew there was no time to waste and unmindful of her own safety, rushed to aid the kid. She held the 6-year old and pulled her, managing to free her from her abductors who were on the bike. Luckily for Nazia, the two men panicked and fled away on the bike, leaving the teenager and the child alone. After rescuing the child, Nazia discovered that she was Dimpy, her junior from the same school! Also Read - 'Deeply Saddened by Inadvertent Stirring of Emotions', Says Tanishq After Being Bullied Into Withdrawing Ad

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However, she did not end the matter there. Knowing that the perpetrators could return or make another attempt, she immediately rushed to her school and informed the principal of the happenings. The school authorities informed the police and the necessary legalities were performed. Nazia then even took a scared and shaken Dimpy to her place and ensured she felt safe before leaving. Needless to say, after the incident, Nazia and Dimpy have turned fast friends and Dimpy looks up to Nazia as her elder sister. Even the families of both the girls have come close despite their religious differences and Dimpy’s family treat Nazia as their own daughter. Along with the bravery award, Nazia also got a prize of Rs one lakh in cheque.

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After receiving the bravery award when Nazia was asked about the incident, she admitted that at that point of time, there was not time for her to feel anything. There was no fear or hesitation. She knew she had to take immediate action and irrespective of the person’s age, caste, religion or gender, she knew she had to aid the person. While talking to Times of India, she said, ” was like a tug-of-war match for about two minutes. While they tried pulling her away on the motorcycle, I held her with all my might.” Kudos to the brave girl for taking such a brave step and timely action We wish more people in India get inspired and blur the line of religion in the country. Hats off Nazia! You make us proud!