New Delhi: Seems 2020 is not ready to take a break as yet another disaster in the form of forest fires in Uttarakhand has emerged. As per reports, Uttarakhand is burning for the last 4 days with 46 forest fires reported in the state so far.Also Read - Terrifying Videos of Locust Attack Take Over Twitter; 'What's Wrong With You 2020', Ask Netizens

A maximum of 21 wildfires has been reported from Kumaon region while the Garhwal region and the reserve forest areas in the state have witnessed 16 and nine wildfires respectively.

As a result of the rising temperatures, forest fires have destroyed nearly over 71 hectares of forest covers and caused tremendous loss of flora and fauna.

As the fire rages, netizens are sharing horrifying visuals of the tragedy and appealing to the authorities to save their forests:

Many also complained that forest fires haven’t been extensively covered and are praying and appealing to help and bring attention to the issue:

Two people have also lost their lives owing to the wildfires, while one person is reported to be injured due to the wildfire.

According to experts, dry weather conditions, lifting of lockdown restrictions and the return of many people to their villages have led to the rise in the fire incidents.