In a shocking incident, a 26-year-old man who allegedly used to sneak into girls’ flats and PGs to steal their undergarments was caught by the police in Vijay Nagar, Indore. Notably, the accused had been stealing undergarments for the past one year!Also Read - Serial Underwear Thief From Singapore Breaches Lockdown & Steals Women's Lingerie, Arrested

Reportedly, the 26-year-old  man used to break into the PGs and hostels late at night, take out the undergarments kept inside the cupboards and tear them, The Times of India reported. After the police received several complaints from girls in the area, they posted security guards to keep an eye. They especially focused on areas near hostels and rooms where girls lived.

”Vulnerable areas, hostels, and rooms where girls live alone were identified. Different persons were asked to keep a close watch and take a stroll in these localities every night in search of the intruder,” Vijay Nagar police station in-charge Tehzib Qazi said.

Finally, on Friday night, a resident spotted the pervert and alerted the police. Soon, four police officials reached the spot on bikes and arrested the accused.

During interrogation, the accused identified himself as Shrikant and confessed to have committed such crimes in several localities.

According to the police, he worked as a security guard earlier and has been accused of theft and harassment in the past. He has been booked for the same in this case too.