In a tragic incident, a speeding motorcycle rammed into another bike while trying to overtake it in Bengaluru. The bike was carrying a family of three- mother, father and 5-year-old child. After the collision, the parents got knocked-off from the motorcycle and 5-year-old kept riding the bike for the next 20-seconds. Miraculously, the child escaped unhurt. Also Read - Sandalwood Drugs Case: Bengaluru Police Suspend ACP, Constable For Allegedly Leaking Crucial Information

In the video which is going viral all over the social media, the bike was on a highway when it bumped into the other bike. Soon after the collision, the mother and father were thrown off into the air. Surprisingly, the child remain seated on the bike who continued to speed off at 80 km/hr. Also Read - Uttar Pradesh New Traffic Rules: Rs 10,000 For Talking on Mobile While Driving? Know Here

After the incident, the cars started to slow down to make sure they do not hit the child. In the midst of the child riding the bike, it moved from right lane to middle and was coming close to the truck which was going on in a good speed unaware of the child riding the bike. The incident which took place on Friday and was captured by the dashboard camera of a car. Also Read - Shocking Police Brutality! Uttarakhand Cops Stab Key Into Man's Forehead For Not Wearing Helmet | Watch

Watch the video here:

Check out the Bengaluru police tweet:

In a miracle, the bike slows down to a virtual still before it slowly tilts down towards the bushes on the divider. The child slowly gets dislodged from the bike and land on a green grass absolutely uninjured and safe.

Netizens hailed the incident but Bengaluru police noticed a series of traffic violation by the family.