In a strange medical treatment, a 55-year-old woman from Spain died after having an allergic reaction to an acupuncture procedure where bee stings are used instead of needles. Bee sting acupuncture is a type of apitherapy, or bee-related treatment, where non medical practitioners use pollen, royal jelly, and yes, sometimes venom, to treat health problems. In bee acupuncture, a practitioner puts a live bee on the patient and pinches the insect’s head until the sting needle emerges to insert venom into the body. The bee dies after a sting. According to the doctors, the woman had been undergoing the controversial treatment once a month for two years when she suddenly developed a severe reaction. (Also read: 12 injured in bee attack in Odisha) Also Read - Woman Makes Party Drink In Toilet Bowl & Serves it To Her Friends, Video Will Make You Scream in Disgust | Watch

As per the woman’s case study, she had no history of other illness like asthma or heart disease, nor a history of being allergic to insect bites or bee stings before. In two years, she had reportedly withstood all of her bee acupuncture sessions “with good tolerance. After one bee sting, she immediately started wheezing and having trouble breathing and lost consciousness. The clinic called an ambulance, which took 30 minutes to arrive. Although the clinic treated her with a corticosteroid, they didn’t have any epinephrine on hand. Epinephrine, sometimes called adrenaline, is the drug found in EpiPens, the auto-injectors that are often used to stop life-threatening allergic reactions. Also Read - Buddhist Monk Chops Off His Head to Please Buddha, Hopes to be Reincarnated As 'Higher Spiritual Being'

Anaphylaxis involves severe allergic reactions which causes blood pressure to plummet. The same happened in the woman, who had extremely low blood pressure and was in a coma when the ambulance arrived. In spite of treatment, she died a few weeks later after a massive stroke and multi-organ failure. Also Read - Hours Before Wedding, Groom Finds Out That The Bride is Actually His Sister; Know What Happened Next!