Tel Aviv: Perhaps we can learn a lesson or two from the Israelis, who even while in a protest rally practiced social distancing. On Sunday, thousands of Israelis came together to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and demanded he be removed from power on account of his alleged anti-democratic measures. Also Read - Israel President Reuven Rivlin Urged to Give Benjamin Netanyahu Chance to Form Govt

While in the rally, the demonstrators were seen holding signs and wearing masks as they stood six feet apart in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square. The police had even marked spots on the ground where protesters could stand, and organizers were required to provide participants with masks. Also Read - 'Thank You,' Says Netanyahu to 'Dear Friend' Modi as Israel Receives Hydroxychloroquine From India

In addition, many cops are stationed at the Rabin Square to enforce social distancing restrictions.

Watch the video here:

The country has allowed protests and rallies amid the pandemic, on the condition that people stand two meters apart and wear masks.

Initially the protest which was happening somewhere else was moved to the larger Rabin Square, so that a distance of two meters between protesters could be maintained, as well as clusters of ten people could be separated by ten meters from the next group.

According to a Haaretz report, The ‘Black Flag’ protests, which started in March, are battling against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s measures aimed at combating the coronavirus crisis in Israel, which include phone tracking of civilians.