It has now become commonplace for patients to be awake and performing activities while their brain is being operated upon. We have come across various instances of patients singing, playing guitar or violin while they are fully awake and alert. Also Read - World Brain Tumour Day 2020: Taking a Look at The Available Treatments

However, in a rare feat, a 60-year-old woman prepared 90 stuffed olives in less than an hour while having an operation to remove a brain tumour.

According to a report in Italian news portal Ansa, the tumour was removed from her left temporal lobe, the area of the brain which controls language, as well as movements of the right side of the body, in a complex surgery that lasted two and a half hours.

Meanwhile, the woman pitted olives, stuffed them with meat and cheese, and then carefully rolled them over bread crumbs and prepared 90 of them in under an hour.

The olives, known as olive all’ascolana, are a specialty of the Marche region of central Italy.

Talking about the open-brain surgery format, Surgeon Roberto Trignani who has performed 60 similar operations, said, “This allows us to monitor the patient while we are intervening on brain functions, and to calibrate our action.”