Lighting a match stick is the most satisfying thing on earth! If you love striking a fresh piece of matchstick against the rough surface and eagerly wait for the friction to turn into a smoldering fire and beautiful flame, you have to watch this video. YouTuber HTD has come up with this amazing video of 6000 match chain reaction. The YouTube video shows some 6000 match sticks stuck on flat surface upright forming a square. Also Read - YouTube Star James Charles Admits Messaging Minors, Says 'My Actions Were Wrong, I Apologise'

Gradually the YouTuber lights one end of the 6000 match chain and what follows is nothing but amazing! The matchstick starts burning one after the another with a beautiful chain reaction of the dominoes sorts. It takes about 30 seconds for the matches to burn, but the video spanning almost 15 minutes proceeds to show you the smoldering and withered black matchsticks till what is left is nothing but smoke. We recommend you not to try this at home. Check out the most beautiful fire domino here! Also Read - YouTube is Experimenting with Hiding Dislikes in Response to Creator Feedback

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